About Us

The David Briscombe Centre help’s people overcome the pressures of modern day existence and to improve their quality of life, work performance and well-being.

We help individuals and the staff of companies and organisations on a one-to-one basis. We operate courses on a group basis across a range of important life areas, from motivation to stress management, confidence to weight-loss.

In all these areas, we help people to unleash the enormous and largely untapped power of the mind to radically improve and transform their lives.

Our Personal and Business Courses will give you the tools, strategies and techniques to alter your life

The David Briscombe Centre operates across a wide range of personal development disciplines and has built up an impressive record over a quarter of a century, assisting individuals, business corporations and public bodies in Wales, the UK and internationally.
We are engaged both directly by clients and through referral, from medical practitioners and company’s staff welfare schemes.

Continually developing and improving our services to clients, in 2007 the centre had also expanded its support services into the Middle East and in 2015 the Philippines.

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