“As always, the students thoroughly enjoyed excellent presentations. The relaxation techniques will be valuable when they are studying for their exams – stress and high blood pressure will be a thing of the past.”
University of Wales, College of Medicine

“The David Briscombe Mind Makeover courses are highly popular with our staff. The courses manages to be informative, engaging, entertaining, and de-stressing – all at once!”
Heather Fish, Learning and Development Manager. S A Brain & Co. Ltd.

“The Mind Makeover course was informative, enjoyable and of course of great benefit.”
North Glamorgan NHS Trust

“It is difficult to resist David’s charismatic energy, honesty and professionalism. There are waiting lists in some companies for Briscombe’s two-day courses on achieving peak performance.”
Western Mail & Echo

“The teams really enjoyed how David worked and found they were much more able to face their challenges after a session with him.”
The Prince’s Trust

“Using his knowledge and expertise David Briscombe helped us to bring together a large team of linear thinking mechanical engineers to help them unlearn past limiting beliefs and accept alternative ideas and thinking towards ever evolving challenges. Davids Mind Makeover Programme was both entertaining and stimulating.”
Hilary Watkins, HR Director. Alstom Power Steam Turbines Retrofit

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Mind Makeover course and was impressed with the enthusiasm and excitement it generated. Both myself and my team are more motivated and positive of success than ever before.”
Quality Systems Management Solutions

“(It) has given me some insight to myself and changed my outlook on life for the better.”
Gwalia Housing Group

“I have utilised the stress management techniques very successfully in work and in my home life on countless occasions.”
Joanne Roberts, Swansea Housing Association